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An Authors Plan to

 Increase Sales 

  • Acknowledge that your book is a product
  • Use automated email marketing to grow leads
  • Add a cinematic style book trailer to engage
  • Add audio so folk can hear your story
  • Invest in your Marketing 


Technology makes it easy and affordable 
You do not speak Marketing!
You are a Non-Marketer

Self-Published Author or rather Small Business Owner. Your 1st Step in growing your sales is to FOCUS.
Question: Focus on what?
Answer: You need a system to increase your sales
Books, bricks, bras there is a specific system to market for every product, and we custom design our system for you. Save the frustration and let us show you the way.  


Get to know you, getting to know all about you...




You are searching for buyers and the buyers are searching for you and your product, book or service. The more you know about your potential clients, the more buyers you will have! You want to increase your sales? Then first take a moment to focus. You’ll be amazed how much one small adjustment can propel your sales from hustle to boom.



Learn how to make it all work together. Your book is a product that needs a proper gateway to success. Achieve your desired milestone, with our proven strategies.

Be active in your audience

Be visible consistently




Get a focus check-up, and let’s be sure you’re marketing with the best lens. 

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