The 7 Tweaks that

Increases Book Sales

Non-Marketing Edition



We know Marketing and we want you to know it too!



As a Self-Published Author your first task is to FOCUS all your Marketing assets solely on your Audience.




Make their group your group



Promoting your product be it books, bobbles, bed-knobs, or broomsticks takes effective creative content.
Content needs to focus on a specifically targeted audience.  
Example: ”Bittersweet” is a racy hot adult drama on Audio from author Robi Nix

The target audience must be listeners of racy, hot adult drama

Know your audience, the ideal folk that your product appeals to most.  Targeting is a faster way to get to printable increased sales. 

Ron Townsen author, "DaVinci Connection" added Audio to his book and now children young and old can listen to his Audiobook, with a Video Ad.   

By the way, not only did we plan and build his content for marketing but we recorded and produced the actual Audiobook too. We add Audio to everything. 


Learn your Buyers...

Promote to them!


We start your Marketing the right way, with a Plan. Together we will build a Marketing Plan that ensures we both can identify your target market.


We map your strategies, build your content and schedule for consistently.

Whether you remember to post or not

We do Your Marketing.